Best of the Blogs 17 September 2013

By on 17 September, 2013


The latest in the epic GTA series of video games is now available, and the fans have started making their tributes, including this map of Los Santos, based on the Google Maps API.


Also worth pointing out on Google Maps Mania is this week’s picks for ‘Maps of the week’, which includes a Google Map to visualize data captured by oceanographic instruments positioned all over the world; a near perfect public transport routing app for London commuters; a really good example of how to visualize crime trends; and a novel map that plot’s people’s memories from around the world.


GIS Lounge has a post on a fascinating project that will allow anyone to pinpoint any position on Earth to within a 3×3 metre square, using just three words instead of a coordinate system – making it much easier to remember. For example, the Position offices can be found at: basis.still.dash. Or, you can upgrade an existing place to just one word for $1.50 per year.


GIS Lounge also points readers to a Map Projection Selection Tool, which helps cartographers pick the best projection for their latest GIS project.


And in a 1-2-3 GIS Loung c-c-c-combo move, the blog also has a piece on the winding down of the successful GOCE Gravity Mapping mission by the ESA, which was responsible for creating the most accurate gravity of Earth yet.


Directions Magazine has an interview with Steve Coast, founder of Open Street Maps, on his time at Microsoft, his new post at Telenav, and the future of OSM.


The Location Forum has release its location policy guidelines, which represent the first industry-created set of best practices for improving how location data is gathered, used and managed, along with a ‘scorecard’ for quantitatively measuring a company’s privacy risk level.


Tech World has a post talking about NearMap’s possible plans to take the service overseas, as well as some info on the tech behind its product.

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