ANZLIC launches metadata guides for AGRS

By on 16 June, 2020

ANZLIC’s technical metadata working group has recently published two new resources on preparing metadata for the Australian Geospatial Reference System (AGRS).

The Australia and New Zealand Spatial Information Council (ANZLIC) has published two new resources aimed at assisting with metadata requirements when preparing dataset transformations for use with the AGRS.

GDA2020: Preparing metadata for the AGRS is the interim solution document for recording metadata, providing a definition and explanation of the AGRS, metadata elements to be used when recording transformations, with provided examples.

A notice circulated by Irina Bastrakova, Chair of the ANZLIC/ICSM Metadata Working Group, indicates that this document should be used to guide such activities while ISO 19115-1 updates are pending.

The working group has also recently published a poster explaining recommended metadata elements in simple English terms, without the complexity of the ISO 19115-1 standards technical details. That resource can be accessed here [PDF].

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