Put Australian street art on the map

By on 30 October, 2019

A new initiative seeks to showcase street art around the world with a crowdsourced StoryMap — and invites Australian contributions.

The new project invites fans of graffiti and street art to contribute some of their favourite pieces to celebrate this storied, multifaceted artform.

And while they’re there, they just might learn a bit about the history and evolution of this unique subculture. It has the power to revitalise and rejuvenate inner city areas, a form of new life among the urban decay and alongside gentrification processes.

From a singular origin within a very specific geographic and historical context, graffiti and street art have spread across continents and cultures to become an incredibly diverse and vibrant group of disciplines and subcultures.

Certain precincts have become so famous for the depth and extent of their public artworks that they are tourist attractions in their own right — places like Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, the inner suburbs of Melbourne and the place where it all started — New York City.

Whilst these places are historical capitals for this culture, there are many new and emerging — and this StoryMap is a great place to start highlighting these special places and artists.

Explore the StoryMap below, or in full screen mode here.

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