Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. (ACUO)

By on 11 November, 2015

If you are a CASA certified UAV Operator, or hold a UAV Controller Certificate, you may want to give serious consideration to joining ACUO. Why?

Firstly, it is imperative the professional UAV Operators clearly distinguish ourselves from other non-commercial sectors of remotely piloted aviation. Secondly, it is also vital to garner public trust and integrity in commercial remotely piloted aviation and CASA certified commercial UAV Operators.

As a united group the association members have a firm presence and a strong voice in how we are governed and regulated. ACUO has been actively involved in the regulatory reform process since 2009, liaising directly with CASA on RPAS matters of importance to its members, and providing important feedback & recommendations on RPAS Operations, RPAS Safety and Training & Qualifications issues, through the CASA SCC Working Group.

In this way we are best able to protect our significant business investments in the remotely piloted aviation industry, and as a body of qualified businesses, best able to promote commercial UAV Operators in a professional manner.
If you are CASA certified to operate UAVs, you owe it to yourself to become a member of ACUO and protect your investment.

The benefits of ACUO membership

  • Direct industry representation and input into how your industry is being shaped & regulated
  • Increased business opportunities via the national membership network
  • The most comprehensive & cost effective Operator insurance package available to CASA certified UAV Operators
  • Protecting your investment and livelihood from unnecessary regulatory burden, and uncertified or unauthorized UAV Operators
  • Promoting public awareness of the capabilities and benefits of commercial UAV services to Australian business
  • Promoting wider public awareness of our industry and what we do, in a manner that is positive for the industry and its members

The membership year for 2016 begins in April but if you want to join ACUO now there are pro-rata rates for first year members, currently less than half the annual membership fee.

For more information about the association, its members, a regulatory overview or links to important industry information, please see our website at or email the

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