August Position mag to have 3D & BIM focus

By on 10 July, 2019

The August issue of Position magazine is just around the corner, out just in time for the South East Asia Survey Congress, taking place 15-18 August at the Darwin Convention Centre.

Position is the official media partner for the event and all attendees will get their hands on this issue.

August’s Position mag will be sure to excite the kids in all of us as the latest technology will take centre stage as we put the focus on BIM, mining and the ocean depths.

Here are some of the key themes we’ll be digging into in the August/September issue of Position:

  • 3D modelling & BIM – the new dimension in infrastructure: Position examines the latest developments in the BIM space as they relate to development, operation and maintenance of infrastructure. New data sources and capture techniques are driving new kinds of functionality and versatility in processing and image manipulation for ever-more-accurate models, and in turn enabling more ambitious and imaginative projects.
  • Q&A –with Gillian Sparkes, Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Victoria: We sit down with Dr. Sparkes to discuss the opportunities for the geospatial industry to work with government and business alike in aligning reporting metrics to harmonise with the Sustainable Development Goals – and the strategic advantage for industry of a pivot towards them.
  • The outback surveying team supporting its staff through university – We embed with a team of outback surveyors, led by a veteran of the industry recruiting young blood and inducting them into his ‘academy’.
  • Unmanned oceanographic revolution: Jon Fairall on the disruption and formidable new capability wrought by autonomous, robotic ocean-going craft for bathymetric surveys and hydrographic data collection.
  • A new data matrix to identify service and rehabilitation gaps for neuro-trauma patients: An exclusive article from one of the architects of a new spatial data matrix that will shed new light on service gaps for a type of brain and spinal cord injury that makes up a huge burden on Australia’s health system, with the potential to transform efficiency in service provision – and greatly improve wellbeing for those affected by these injuries.
  • AUSGeoid2020 improves AHD height determination in NSW – A deep dive into using AUSGeoid2020 for height determination, based on the outputs of a rigorous testing regime carried out by NSW Spatial Services.

You’ll learn about these issues and a whole lot more in the August/September issue of Position, which comes out 8th August.

Position magazine is the only Australasia-wide independent publication for surveying and spatial sciences and is the official magazine of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI).

If you have anything to contribute to these discussions or if you would like to look into reaching our audience of spatial and surveying professionals contact Jon Tkach on +61 2 8586 6128 or at

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