Best of the Blogs – 15 February 2017

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Love is in the air! This collection of satellite images from reveals the endless love that this planet has to offer. [Geoawesomeness]


A rapidly advancing crack in Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice shelf has scientists concerned that it is getting close to a full break. The rift has accelerated this year in an area already vulnerable to warming temperatures. Since December, the crack has grown 27 kilometres in the last two months. [New York Times]


This tiny river island changes its nation every six months—a rare agreement that’s lasted 400 years. Edged between the two countries, the two-acre Pheasant Island may look like nothing special, but this little splotch of land is actually home to centuries of history, and one of the most unique border irregularities in the world. [Atlas Obscura]


The Knowwhere blog responded to President Donald Trump’s comment that he is keen on maps, by sharing a long history of fake maps and lying with geography. Someone even wrote a book on the matter, How to Lie with Maps. Expect more of Trump’s views of the world like that depicted above. [Knowwhere consulting]


Happy 12th birthday to Maps Mania! After several thousand amazing posts, the world’s most prolific spatial blog celebrated with this awesome animated tour of Google Maps. The video consists of no less than 3,305 screenshots of the world as seen on Google Maps. [Maps Mania]

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